Keep Your Collectible Action Figures Safe With These Storage Ideas

28 March 2016
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When you're shopping for action figures, you likely have one of two intentions -- remove them from their packaging and play with them or keep their packaging intact and display them in your home. If the latter approach suits you, it's important to give some consideration to storing them safely. Storing your action figures properly is all about enjoying the look of the figures but not letting them develop signs of aging that may affect their value for future resale. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Location Is Everything

You want to display your action figures in a room that allows you to see them frequently, but it's important to consider the location of the room within your home. Exposure to direct sunlight can fade the packaging and reduce the eventual resale value, so it's ideal to display your collectibles in a room that doesn't receive direct sunlight. Or, if you don't have such an option, consider keeping the blinds closed for part or all of the day.

Humidity Is Important

Just as it's worthwhile to keep your action figures out of direct sunlight, you should also think about taking steps to ensure that the humidity in your storage/display room is moderate. If it's too dry in the room, the packaging glue could crack; when it's too humid, stickers on the figure could loosen. It's beneficial to buy a small hygrometer to place in the room and help you monitor the humidity percentage. Although the exact humidity that is ideal for action figures can vary, aim to keep the room a comfortable 35 to 50 percent humidity by using either a humidifier in the winter or a dehumidifier in the summer.

Wipe The Packaging After Use

Once you've decided how you'll store your action figures, use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly wipe the outside of the packaging. This will ensure that any fingerprints left on the plastic, as well as smudges from the oil on your skin, won't impact the longevity of your collectibles.

Vacuum The Room Frequently

Keeping the room free of dust is a good way to protect your action figures; to this end, keep the room and the house as a whole vacuumed frequently so dust doesn't accumulate. If the figures get dusty, you'll need to repeatedly wipe them down, and excess handling can increase the risk of damage that will compromise their resale value.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you're checking out DC action figures for sale.