Important Supplies When Repainting Your Home

10 March 2016
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Do you think the coloring of your home is boring? Are you planning to repaint the interior, exterior, or even both? Repainting a wall can be a messy experience, but there are supplies that will make the job go faster and make cleanup easier. Before you head to the paint store, here are some supplies to consider purchasing: 

Spackle or joint compound: When painting walls, it's obviously best for them to be as flat and blemish-free as possible. If you've hung up pictures or otherwise made tiny holes in your wall, you'll want to repair them before the first layer of paint goes on. You may think that you can simply paint over the holes and nobody will be the wiser, but un-repaired screw and nail holes are likely to show through even multiple paint layers. The employees at your local paint store will be able to tell you which product will work best for both your walls and the paint you intend to purchase. They will also be able to show you what supplies you'll need to go along with the product and explain exactly how to use it.

Feather duster and dust cloths: Even if you already clean your home weekly, or more often, it's a good idea to go over the entire room one more time before you actually paint. You don't want clumps of dust falling into your paint or clumping on your brushes or rollers. If this happens, it may be difficult to fix the situation and to make everything look smooth and clean again. Depending on the amount of overlooked dust, you could wind up having to go back to the paint store for more supplies. Having to briefly abandon your painting in the middle of the project, especially to get fresh cans of paint, could result in your walls being slightly different colors or you may need to repaint everything over again. Avoid this by making sure that your walls are as clean and as dust free as possible.

Pressure washer: If you're painting your home's exterior, it's almost certainly gathered dirt and grime that will need to be removed. While your garden hose may get off most of the dirt, a pressure washer will be able to remove even more. A good pressure washing will help to ensure that the paint will stick to your house and is less likely to bubble and clump, giving your home a more professional look. If you don't want to purchase a pressure washer just for this one job, ask your local paint store if they have one that you can rent or if they know where you can rent one.