Tips For Maintaining Your Butterfly Knives

6 Jul

If you are a knife or sword collector, there is a good chance that you might have one or more butterfly knives in your collection. Due to the moving parts in this type of knife, you might be at a loss as to how to keep it well-maintained. The last thing that you want is […]

Tips For Selling An Inherited Coin Collection

29 Mar

Inheriting a large collection of coins or being tasked with selling off the coins for an estate can be a daunting prospect if you aren’t familiar with rare coins. It can be tempting to just dump the whole lot on a coin collector and hope for the best. Instead, try the following tips so you […]

Keep Your Collectible Action Figures Safe With These Storage Ideas

28 Mar

When you’re shopping for action figures, you likely have one of two intentions — remove them from their packaging and play with them or keep their packaging intact and display them in your home. If the latter approach suits you, it’s important to give some consideration to storing them safely. Storing your action figures properly […]

Important Supplies When Repainting Your Home

10 Mar

Do you think the coloring of your home is boring? Are you planning to repaint the interior, exterior, or even both? Repainting a wall can be a messy experience, but there are supplies that will make the job go faster and make cleanup easier. Before you head to the paint store, here are some supplies […]